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In the middle of the 20th century, women were just beginning to emerge from the shadows of tradition into a new world of opportunity. Into this turbulent time strode Texas Women who said “yes I can” while confronting obstacles head on. Triumphing over adversity and prejudice, our heroes blazed a new trail where others had yet to tread.

This one-hour non-profit film will feature the stories of such incredible women and will preserve a vitally important part of history. The one-hour film will be edited into two 30-minute films and will be donated to schools and women’s shelters.

Poignantly honest and humorous, Louise Raggio, Vivian Castleberry, Helen Green, and others entertain us with their own words while describing the life of a working woman in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s – a time when a woman’s place was “in the home.” Their colorful tales are inspiring and touching, painting a vibrant picture of the past and the struggles they encountered on becoming the “first” in their chosen fields. These women are spirited and outspoken and their stories illustrate the sacrifices they made to succeed.

The opportunities of today are often taken for granted by today’s youth. But as Vivian Castleberry states, “ It has not always been this way. And if you don’t fight to preserve your rights you may lose them”. Watching our heroes will inspire both young women and men to pursue their goals.

Trailblazing Texas Women will remind them that their Grandmothers and mothers made it possible for today’s generation to make their dreams a reality. 

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